Probation Order Failure – Things To Know

ProbationFailure to adhere to a court order is a serious thing that the court always take the non-compliance cases pretty seriously as it shows a lack of respect towards the order issued by the court. Wait a minute. When you hear that you have been charged with non-compliance, does not mean that you will be put into the prison. There are different cases and various branches of non-compliance. Honestly, a breach of probation is against law.

As per, a breach to anything can invite a court case. When you have a probation order failure case, do not think that you will not get a defense. There is a huge list of experienced and professional lawyers who can handle your case.

A probation order failure means, the individuals has not fulfilled one or more terms given in the probation order. This failure can lead to criminal offense. The maximum penalty given to these cases are two years of imprisonment. The probation order failure can include not reporting to the employer, not working in the hours mentioned in the offer, communication with a person whom it has mentioned not to communicate in the offer. Violating the law of the company and not keeping peace and showing good behavior.

The court never accepts this kind of violations which shows a lack of respect towards the court order. Punishment may include suspensions, huge fines and a certain period in the custody. A punishment also includes the termination of probation which depends upon the type of breach mad. If found guilty the court can issue orders, which can even lead to imprisonment. For the individual, it will not be easy to get bail as they have not respected the court orders. So the lawyer should think about how to get bail for the individual under these circumstances.

The defense lawyer can ask for the proof by which the failure in the probation order has made any loss. Also, the crown must be able to produce all the copies of the probation order so that the court can know that the person who has failed in keeping the probation order and the person arrested are the same person. Even though there is no victim when it comes to the failure to adhere, the court takes these cases seriously as it shows disrespect to law.

Since the term is quite technical, the crown has to prove different elements and also need to submit necessary paper works in front of the court. Even if there is no victim in these cases, it will be in criminal records. That means even if the accused gets released, there are chances that the person might get arrested again as they have earlier showed the disrespect towards the court order.

So when a probation order is given, one should try to adhere to it, if not these types of cases can rise which will be in the criminal records forever and it will not do any god for anyone other than spoiling the future.