How To Use The Google Fax Service


Are you in a hurry to send a fax to your business partner? Has your fax machine stopped to work or not functioning well? Well, you have to switch to Google Fax service. It is a convenient service mostly provided by online fax service providers. Google does not directly serve with the service provider. You are going to use the Google account for sending the fax, and that is how Google serves in the online fax process. The internet technology is a boon for small to large business owners. If you know to use the internet in a smart and better way, you can easily save thousands of dollars just like that. Let us look how to use the Google Fax service in this blog.

Step 1: You have to use your Google account. If you do not have Gmail account, you can simply sign up a new Gmail account. It is simple to sign up, and it does not take more than five or ten minutes.

Step 2: Once you sign up for a new Gmail account, you have to sign in and select the document you have to fax.

Step 3: Keep the document ready on your desktop or at your convenient place. We will explain to you how to contact the online fax service provider.

Step 4: There are several online fax service providers. You have to search and sign up with a service provider whom you feel affordable and comfortable. If you think that you want to first check their quality of service, then you can go with the trial period. When you click the trial period option, they will send you a virtual fax number to your Gmail account.

Step 5: You have to use the virtual fax number for receiving and sending. You need to enter the receiver’s fax number and attach the necessary fax document as you do for sending email.

Step 6: Now, click send email and the message will be sent to the receiver instantly.