How to Change and Improve your Gmail Password?

Email is one of the best tools to communicate with family, friends, and co-workers. Have you heard of Google’s Gmail tool? It is a free service that contains all the best features other than webmail services. This service is built and improved on advanced technologies and helps the user to have a better mailing experience.

At present, Gmail is a leading and largest webmail provider. It is easy to create a new account, and use it for your business. Most of the people share personal information through Email, and they would forget to keep their account secure. Here listing some important tips for protecting your password.

Password is the only way that helps in account security. Many people use their mobile number, spouse name or very generic words for their password. It should not be easy to find and not be guessable. The password should have numbers, characters, words and upper and lower case letters for enhanced security. Update your browser whenever you see a notification screen. There are millions of people who do not even bother to update their browser and feel bad whether their email account gets hacked.

Most importantly, change your password once in three months. If you keep changing your password, there will be no space for hackers to trace your account. Moreover, it helps to safeguard your account in high protected means. How to change Gmail password? You can easily change by following three steps. Here explaining clearly.

First, log in to your Gmail account and clock on the settings option seen on the right top corner of the page. In settings option, select the options account and import. Under that window, you will find an option ‘change account settings’. Click change password option and type your current and desired new password. You need to confirm by clicking change password option. Now, you are ready to work with the new password.